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Why Now Is The Best Time To Build Your Next Website On HubSpot

It is no secret that HubSpot's CMS Hub (website builder) is the HubSpot tool that has gotten me the most excited since it's official launch in early 2020. In fact it even made me enjoy working on websites again. Ditching Wordpress was easily the best thing I did for my business the past year. You can read more about that in my post


Now after using it for over a year I have never been more convinced that HubSpot is the best tool to build a website on. It is so much more than just another website builder to compete against Wordpress, Squarespace, and Weebly. So that's why I wanted to take some time to explain why you should seriously consider building your next website on HubSpot. Or if you already have a functional site see why making the switch like I did will be the best thing you do for your marketing efforts this year. Also with HubSpot's latest announcement I will explain why now is the best time to do it!


Ok so this is the thing that really tipped me over. HubSpot recently launched a massive upgrade to their CMS (Content Management System) including the all new drag and drop page builder. One thing that has always stood out with HubSpot’s other marketing products is just how simple they are to pick up and use. This greatly diminishes the amount of time it takes marketers like me to simply get to the work that matters most. I want to be communicating, I want to actually be out there sharing my client’s great content. What I don’t want to be doing is diving deep into code all day or trying to fix a recent hack. That was my life on WordPress and something I even had to do for a client this past week. HubSpot continues to nail the user experience for us and I have no doubt this will continue to get better.

IT Can Make Your WEBSite Really Fast & Secure

I lost count of how many times my client's websites were hacked over the years. Not only does this cause harmful downtime but also costs a lot of money to fix. A traditional CMS leaves the security, speed, and reliability of your website up to chance. CMS Hub takes care of the maintenance associated with a traditional CMS so you can focus on creating an amazing customer experience through your website. In over a year and a half of using HubSpot I haven't had as much as a glitch on my site. It has been live 100% of the time and is now also faster than ever. A good website has to load fast and Google puts a lot of weight on speed when ranking your site. (READ MY POST ABOUT INCREASING MY GOOGLE SCORE). With the shift to HubSpot I was able to dramatically push my Google score up to as high as 96 on Desktop and 84 on Mobile. And that was all done without the need to hire an external developer. Now when someone wants to visit my website I can rest easy knowing it will be there and will load quickly for them. This sort of experience is critical in this fast paced digital world we live in.


Look it is no secret for those of you that know me that I love HubSpot already. I have been using it with clients for over 7 years. It has easily emerged as the single most important digital marketing tool I use. (7 REASONS HUBSPOT IS THE BEST MARKETING TOOL FOR NONPROFITS). It has changed the way my clients manage the relationships with both their current and potential customers. Though their websites continue to be the last major piece in the puzzle that can finally click in. Giving them an all-in-one platform where their team can log in and manage all their communications. Whether it’s their Marketing, Sales, or Customer Service, it is all there. This unified process creates less room for miscommunication, both within their teams, and more importantly to their audience. It also means one less platform for the team to fumble around trying to learn. Which brings me to my next point…

YOU WILL BE Set Up To Grow

HubSpot has always been a growth platform. This is not simply a nice idea but something they have proven as I have used their services across a wide variety of clients. Including of course my own personal use. I am not trying to push something I don’t actually use myself. You see their services are built to meet you where you are at and then grow alongside you. This latest CMS launch is proof that they will continue to innovate and be two steps ahead of me. Once again I don’t want to spend my days updating my WordPress site and the dozens of third party plugins. All of which open up all sorts of security risks. I will let HubSpot be the experts they have proven to be and I will focus on the growth that matters to me. Writing this post on my website built entirely on HubSpot’s CMS has been a game changerA change that excites me in a way that I probably haven’t felt since I uploaded my first video to the internet back in 2002. The internet is changing at a blistering rate and I look forward to working on a platform that is built not on what has been, but instead on where things are going. A direction you can now join thanks to my final point!


When HubSpot first launched the new CMS Hub back in 2020 it was really focussed on larger businesses with their Professional Hub. This was at a price point that simply did not make sense for a lot of you reading this post. Though if you know HubSpot's other products they have always offered a more affordable Starter plan. A level many of my clients have joined HubSpot on. Thankfully it has not taken them long to launch the CMS Hub Starter plan and it is now officially live!! It starts at only $25/month and you can also bundle it with all their other Starter Hubs for only $50/month. Just weeks before this announcement I had actually started creating a basic website for a client on Wordpress. Though the second I heard this news I scrapped the project and made the jump to HubSpot's CMS Hub Starter. I believe this announcement truly makes HubSpot the best choice to build a website on. 

Check out this latest website I did for a small business using HubSpot CMS Starter.

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