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Dear Internet, Please Be Kind To My Daughter.

Dear Internet,

Introductions are not necessary as we have known each other for a long time. It is hard to believe it has been over 15 years. When we first met things were so simple and new. Time spent together was more like a first date. An event that never lasted long and was full of questions. Things have surely changed as now we rarely go a day without connecting. You have even found a way to be with me wherever I go. With vibrations you let me know it has been too long. Often distracting me from the things that truly matter. Though I must admit you have managed to bring my scattered family closer together. You made things like Facebook and Facetime possible, and I thank you for that. But lately I have been pondering what my youth would have been like with this same relationship. I have watched how over these past few years you have enabled the loss of innocence in millions of teenagers.

That brings me to the point. I know you have seen the ultrasound picture I posted on Facebook for all the world to see. My little girl. Thank you for liking it and for showing so much support. Though that is not what this letter is about.

I wanted to ask you a favor, well maybe a few.

As you know she will be my first child. I so badly want her to know she is beautiful just the way she is. To be blinded from the millions of images you blast on newsfeeds and pinboards. The ones that tell her she is only valued for her looks. Where modesty is shunned and measured by a like. Please give her something better. Only connect her with people who are willing to stand out from the crowd. To encourage her and build her up in ways that matter.

Also would you guard her from those that mean her harm. Whether it be a school friend or unknown stranger. I have seen the damage words can do in your midst. Bullying. Depression. Suicide. Just this once could you hinder them from ever finding her.

I know the day she meets you will come faster than I hope. Please consider changing in these years to come. See that our children need to be left as such. Like you did for me. That is my prayer and my plea. Be a friend not a distraction. An enabler not a threat. Though most of all

Please be kind to my daughter.

An Anxious New Dad