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How You Can Learn To Log Off Social Media

You should check in with technology instead of allowing technology to check in with you. @danielrnorris #socialmedia.

Most of you have already read the articles showing the latest study about our addiction to social media. How most of us are so bad that checking our Facebook is the first thing we do when we wake up. Coffee addicts need their daily hit before doing just about anything, except of course checking their phones. So I thought that instead of taking a look at how bad we think our culture has gotten with technology I figured I would simply ask you how you are going.

Do you find yourself checking your phone first thing in the morning?

How does it feel when you go extended times without your phone?

Call it addiction, call it whatever you want, though the reality is that our desire to check in and connect with technology is overtaking the relationships closest to us. There are very few people I know who would beg to differ. I myself am a tragic example of this and write this post as more of a confession than a teaching. Though I will say there is one thing I do that seperates me from the world around me.

I am trying.

I know I deserve a pat on the back ;)

Maybe a bit early for that. Though I did want to share with you the greatest habit that has helped me take some giant leaps forward in the past few years.


I just got back from a week of camping on a lake. A much needed break after an exciting past year. It included lots of sun, wildlife, time with God & time with my amazing and beautiful wife. I am sure by now you can guess what was missing?

No phone. No internet.

I was completely logged off. Completely disconnected from this online world and all the friends and connections I have here. I realize it is not as simple as camping anymore. There are few places our phones can go without being able to log on. I remember walking around a campground in New England last year where I saw family after family with their eyes glued to some sort of device. Thankfully I was blessed to be with a family that was the exception.

We need more exceptions. We need to be able to log off. Our relationships need it. Our jobs need it. I think God desires it. I am so glad I started to work on this years ago so I am now able to spend a whole week logged off. Though more importantly I think it has given me an ability to log off in those small moments. Those moments I have with friends and family. Especially the ones with my wife. They are the most important connections of all. I may not always show it but I want to continue to work on it. So join me by starting your year off by...

Logging Off developing that ability and habit. As you have the discipline to do this I promise your desires will follow. Your desire to connect with those most important to you will actually surpass your desire to connect with technology.

What do you think? Can you log off?