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The Best Fundraising Platform If you Use HubSpot, And Even If You Don't.

With over 20 years of experience working with and for non-profits, I've come to understand the critical role fundraising plays in helping these organizations achieve their goals. As a communications specialist, I've worked on numerous campaigns and events - some successful, and some not so much. However, one of the most frustrating and time-consuming aspects for me has been dealing with the clunky platforms and services we've had to use to manage donations. Not only are they difficult to set up and manage, but they also create a poor user experience for donors, creating unnecessary friction. One of the biggest challenges I have faced with this is how these services connect and integrate with a non-profits CRM. Something that has to be a top priority in any communications and fundraising process. Knowing who your donors are and what your relationship with them has been across your initiatives is everything. So having fundraising and their CRM siloed is the beginning of the end for most long term fundraising efforts.

So what new platform has me personally changing my tune? Well it was almost one year ago today that I was working with an organization about to host a large scale event. During this event they planned to receive donations. Sounded simple enough except for the fact that it would be 30k+ people all trying to do it at once. Not only that the current way to donate required manually entering a credit card number into a form. The whole thing was set up to fail.

Now this is where Fundraise Up stepped in...

Despite having heard of Fundraise Up's success with HubSpot, I hadn't yet had the chance to try it out for myself. However, with only 10 days before the event, we decided to take a chance and jump in. And boy, did it pay off - this organization saw its largest result at an event ever. So, what made it such a game-changer?


I can confidently say that Fundraise Up offers the best onboarding experience I have had to date. I also dont just mean for fundraising platforms, I mean any platforms. When I signed up, I was immediately impressed by how user-friendly and intuitive the platform was. The onboarding process was seamless, guiding me through each step and ensuring that I understood the platform's features and functionalities. What truly set Fundraise Up apart was the level of support they provided. They offered comprehensive resources such as video tutorials and guides, which were incredibly helpful in familiarizing myself with the platform. Additionally, their customer support team was responsive and attentive, promptly addressing any questions or concerns our team had. Thanks to Fundraise Up's exceptional onboarding, I was able to quickly harness the platform's capabilities all within a small window to get ready for the event. 

Donors Cover Fees

Fundraise Up's inclusion of the Donors covering fees feature brings numerous benefits. Firstly, it allows nonprofits to make the most out of donations by ensuring that the entire intended amount reaches them. By letting donors cover transaction fees, more resources can be dedicated to the cause at hand. Secondly, it fosters transparency and builds trust with donors. When donors have the option to see and cover fees, they can see exactly how much of their donation directly supports the cause they care about. This openness strengthens the organization-donor relationship and cultivates a sense of collaboration. Moreover, offering the choice to cover fees empowers donors to amplify their impact and showcase their dedication. It's a win-win situation that enables organizations to do more good while providing donors with a meaningful way to make a difference.

Payment Options

Providing a wide range of payment options for donors is incredibly important for creating a donor-friendly experience. Fundraise Up recognizes and respects the diverse preferences and circumstances of individuals. By offering multiple payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfers, mobile wallets like Apple Pay, and even cryptocurrency, organizations can cater to the specific needs and preferences of donors. Some donors may prefer the convenience of online payment methods, while others may feel more comfortable with traditional methods. The availability of various options ensures that donors can contribute in a way that is convenient and familiar to them, increasing the likelihood of their participation and support. Moreover, offering multiple payment options can also help overcome any potential barriers that could deter donors from contributing. Before using Fundraise Up the organization I was working with was requiring a person standing at their live event to physically pull out their wallet, remove a credit card, and manually enter it. By that point the moment had passed. With Fundraise Up that same person had finished without touching their wallet.

Native Integration With HubSpot

The first of it's kind native integration between HubSpot and Fundraise Up is incredibly important for organizations. It brings together fundraising and customer relationship management in a seamless way, making life easier for nonprofits. With this integration, data syncing becomes effortless, workflows become smoother, and valuable insights can be gained for better decision-making. It's like having a powerful tool that streamlines operations and helps build stronger connections with donors. Ultimately, it's a game-changer for boosting fundraising success and making a positive impact. And all it took was a click of a button, a few basic settings updated, and I was going. No developers or custom integration work needed. Hubspot donor management really is the best way to build and sustain donor relationships long term.

So if you use HubSpot, and even if you don't, I encourage you to check out Fundraise Up.  They truly are raising the bar of what fundraising and donor platforms should look like.