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Why HubSpot Is The Best Tool Every Network Marketer Should Be Using

Ok so you have just taken that initial scary leap into network marketing. Maybe it’s probiotics with Plexus or essential oils from Young Living. Regardless of what it is you really do love the products and believe in them. So how do you go beyond simply blasting posts out on social media? Well think back for a second to how you got involved in the first place. I am guessing it was a good friend or family member. Someone you trusted and had a good relationship with. Relationships are key to being successful in network marketing. Though managing and keeping up with everyone you have been in contact with about your product is a tiring and messy process. One in which we end up just defaulting to another email blast or Facebook post. This is where I have seen HubSpot thrive with many network marketers.

So what is HubSpot and why is it so awesome?
HubSpot is a powerful marketing tool and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It takes those random notes, emails, and contacts and organizes them. It’s not just an address book but really helps you treat each individual as the individual they are.

It Will Save You Time

Time is something most of you do not have lots of. It is super valuable and often why you lose out on potential sales. If your contacts and your communication with them isn;t organized and easily accessible you waste so much time trying to figure out where to start. This means you end up ignoring people that did want more info. With HubSpot you are able to efficiently show where each individual you are talking to is at and who you need to get back to.

It’s All About Relationship

The R in CRM stands for relationship and that’s the backbone of what HubSpot is. A strong relationship is one that is personal and specific. Something you just can’t get from a broad social media post. When looking at a contact in Hubspot you are able to see your entire relationship history with them. Every email, note, or any important info you would like to add. You can be as specific as you want so that next time you go to talk to them you share relevant information and/or testimonies with them. This all shows that you know them and truly care about them; not just another sale.

It’s Really Easy To Use

I have been using HubSpot for nearly 5 years now and have primarily used it with volunteer non profit organizations. In organizations like that the people using tools like Hubspot often don’t have backgrounds in Marketing or systems. They are just people who are passionate about their cause and are willing to help however they can. It seems like every week there is some new hot app or web site that can help transform your business. Though for me the best tool is the one that real people like you will use and love to use. Not the programmers and tech people that built them. Hubspot is incredibly user friendly and easy to get started on. They even have a completely free Learning Center where you can take all kinds of video courses on HubSpot and Marketing and Sales strategies.

It’s Free

Ok maybe I should have started with this one. But yes you read that right it is 100% free. I am still blown away myself by how may features they are just giving away. You can create and manage all your contacts, connect your email, manage tasks, and even create basic Forms to put on your web site or send as links to people. Though the most exiting Free tool that they are currently rolling out is Marketing E-mails. This will mean that you can send beautiful emails with your latest promos and news to customized lists of people that you create. For those of you that know Mailchimp it is like that only built inside your CRM.

It Grows With You

Now while HubSpot is Free it is a platform that is built to grow with you. So if you are no longer a newbie and are finding it challenging to scale things to the next level Hubspot has a bunch of different paid plans. These plans can unlock all sorts of amazing automation and marketing features that once again keep you doing what’s most important to your business.

So if you are wanting to get serious with your business and see sustainable growth check out the link below. Seeing it is free you really have nothing to lose.


Interested in a potential webinar to show how it can be used specifically for Network Marketing? Or are you a veteran ambassador with your company and are trying to figure out how to manage the growth and invest back into your business? Fill out the contact form below and I would love to see how I can help. I have also included some other helpful resources below thanks to the HubSpot team.

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