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Typeform: The Ultimate HubSpot Form Builder

When it comes to creating more intricate forms, many HubSpot users find themselves in need of a solution beyond the capabilities of HubSpot's native form builder. This is especially true for those interested in advanced features like scored quizzes or assessments. After exploring various options over the years, there is one tool that stands out as my top recommendation, regardless of whether you use HubSpot or not. Here are some compelling reasons why I believe it's the best choice.

NATIVE Integration with HubSpot

Anytime I am looking for a new tool to add to HubSpot the first thing I do is check for a native integration in their Marketplace. This simply means with a click of a button I can connect the two tools and make sure data is flowing seamlessly and safely. Having to use extra services or custom coded connections take so much more time and investment. So while that is sometimes necessary it is always a last option for me. As for the Typeform integration, it is simple enough though requires you connecting each new form you create in Typeform itself. This is an important step so you can map the data captured in your forms to the right place in HubSpot.


I love setting up systems that are easy and sustainable for my clients. My goal is that it is something they do not need me to constantly be managing and creating (unless of course that is what they want). Typeform makes creating forms super easy with its drag and drop form builder. Basically if you have used a computer before than you can probably figure it out. You can also make the form fit to your brand with logos, colors, and fonts. 


And that leads me to one of the most appealing aspects of Typeform. Not only is it user-friendly for you and your team, but it also offers a seamless and visually appealing experience for those completing the forms. Whether crafting simple lead forms, intricate assessments, or response forms for large events, Typeform ensures a swift and on-brand journey for respondents as they navigate through the form effortlessly.


In my experience, TypeForm has allowed me to develop intricate assessments that have proven invaluable in helping numerous leaders evaluate the well-being of their teams. These assessments include tailored pathways for leaders to follow post-completion, incorporating complex scoring and logic features essential for effectively serving diverse audiences in various scenarios. Avoiding irrelevant questions ensures a seamless respondent experience, preventing drop-offs and ensuring form completion for optimal results. This level of customization and precision is crucial in maximizing the impact of your forms and driving growth for your business or organization.


So, if you are utilizing HubSpot, or possibly other CRM's or Email Marketing platforms, I highly encourage enhancing your capabilities with TypeForm. The insights and responses gathered through well-crafted forms can genuinely transform the growth of your business or organization.